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Speedrunning on the Lex Express

Over the past couple of years, I can’t name a game I’ve sunk more time into than Midway’s WWF: Wrestlemania, usually billed as Wrestlemania the Arcade Game due to its more-accessible console ports. I was a big fan of the WWF (now WWE) through most of the 1990s, so, from the get-go, I had a […]

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The Best of GemuBaka in 2019

After refocusing and establishing an actual “brand” in April 2018, GemuBaka has seen modest growth since that point. The 2020 new year rang in after passing 1,000 followers on Twitter, meaning 2019 was a success with most of my personal goals. Overall, GemuBaka is a fledgling brand that is a hobby for me, but that […]

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