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Rhythm Game Roundup: Theatrhythm, Museca, CHUNITHM, Hello Kitty, Samba de Amigo

I haven’t been able to get out much so far in 2023, so getting my hands on the usual fare of rhythm games has been a little more difficult recently. Thank goodness for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, which is extremely likely to stick in my top games of the year and may even land as […]

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Sampling Theatrhythm with the Final Bar Line trial

I touched on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line by Square-Enix in a preview in December, and since that time the company has released a trial version to allow players a sampling of the game and a chance to get a head start on leveling up a few characters before the release of the full […]

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Rhythm Game Roundup: Melatonin, Theatrhythm, God of Rock

I’m a big fan of rhythm games, and it seems like those that enjoy the genre have a slate of interesting titles to enjoy into early 2023. First is a game that is now released on Steam (PC) but will also make its way to the Nintendo Switch – Melatonin by Half Asleep Games. Since […]

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