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Retro Achiever Game #57: Tetris Battle Gaiden

My second subscriber special on Twitch brought me a Retro Achiever challenge that represented both the familiar and the unfamiliar. The game chosen was Tetris Battle Gaiden for Super Famicom – it’s obviously a Tetris game, but the battle format shook up the rules. Tetris Battle Gaiden released only in Japan, developed by Bullet Proof […]

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Galloping Ghost Swap Meet (Video)

In late September, my wife and I attended the most recent video game swap meet held by Galloping Ghost Arcade, as hosted by the Galloping Ghost Productions office. The room was pleasantly packed with vendors offering a variety of goods – some were fun staples, while others were obscure curiosities. At the end of the […]

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12 Hour Challenge: Tag team, back again

Aug. 4-6 will bring us yet another 12 Hour Challenge, and I’m looking forward to continued speedrunning growth in my second participation with the event. The previous event was in February, and was my first involvement with any sort of proper speedrunning event. The event tasks players to learn a brand new game within 12 […]

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