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Exergaming Journal #6: The Ring Fit 14-Day Challenge!

The fitness gaming drive continues! I recently made a switch to heavily focusing on arcade dancing games, but I was recently tagged by Twitter user Super Jude to participate in a 14-day Ring Fit Adventure challenge: Play the game some way over 14-straight days. I finally found a good stretch of time to do this […]

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Exercising Journal #3: Looking for Some Variety

It’s been some time since the last journal, but, with summer activities and holidays in full swing, my exercising has fallen a little by the wayside. I haven’t completely dumped it, though, but I think my exergaming habits are going to be changing a little. I have kept up with Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit […]

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Exergaming Journal #1: Starting the Journey

I generally spend most of my time these days playing games from previous systems – on top of copious amounts of arcade gaming – but the pandemic has seen me shift a little more toward current games. I’m sitting on a backlog of games I’ve purchased for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 over the […]

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