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The appeal of Jaleco’s Arm Champs II

Back in 2019 I did a livestream from Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, and the highlight of this was playing a session of Jaleco’s Arm Champs II. I made a Twitch clip of me playing this game on the highest difficulty you can select in-game, and this has sat on my Twitch channel since […]

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Busted speed tech: Thunder’s test of strength

Back in 1999, there was a game mechanic so busted, even myself as a teenager had to sit back and think – “Holy crap, this is broken.” Pro wrestling was at its peak, and I had to soak in every wrestling game I could, good or bad. THQ’s PlayStation One release of WCW/NWO Thunder was […]

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Midwest Gaming Classic featured impressive new titles

The Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an obvious love letter to classic gaming. You can view a large number of the retro offerings at the event in my Midwest Gaming Classic photo gallery and video walkthrough of the Midwest Gaming Classic arcade hall. However, during the 2019 event, there were a large number […]

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