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Exergaming Journal #8: First major goal reached!

In all honesty, my exergaming for February was minimal when compared to other months, but the month still brought some very good news – I managed to meet my initial weight loss goal! It was mid-March in 2021 that I began this journey and the GemuBaka journals that accompanied it, and, within one year, I […]

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Exergaming Journal #4: Pump It Up

The last time I wrote about my exergaming exploits, I noted I was wanting something more than partaking in the same cycle of Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing. While both are excellent products, I was yearning for something different after a rotation of those two games over a period of two-plus months. I noted […]

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Exercising Journal #3: Looking for Some Variety

It’s been some time since the last journal, but, with summer activities and holidays in full swing, my exercising has fallen a little by the wayside. I haven’t completely dumped it, though, but I think my exergaming habits are going to be changing a little. I have kept up with Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit […]

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