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Event report: RPW & Flophouse Wrestling!

July brought us another Ruthless Pro Wrestling show, but this time, the organization joined with Flophouse Wrestling to provide a double bill out of Indianapolis, Indiana. With two cards put together by the companies, the day featured eight hours of professional wrestling at one, single ticket price. I try to take quick clips of the […]

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Event report: RPW’s Ruthless Consequences

Ruthless Pro Wrestling (RPW) held its Ruthless Consequences event May 29, 2021, in Erie, Michigan, and having attended the previous three live events, I wasn’t going to skip out on another chance to catch live pro wrestling about as close as it gets to me. While I mostly write about video games on GemuBaka, pro […]

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The April Fool’s Gauntlet: 5 Wrestling Speedruns

A recent WedNESday post on Twitter featured LJN’s WWF: King of the Ring, and upon digging into the game a bit, I find it could be mashed through in short order. Sure enough, others have embarked on that same journey, and the Speedrun.com page features multiple attempts at the game’s King of the Ring mode […]

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