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Impressions of the 8BitDo M30 gamepad

SEGA-inspired controllers are a current hot commodity, with products from 8BitDo and Retro Bit making a splash very close to each other. The 8BitDo M30 controller doesn’t sport the SEGA branding, but it’s instantly clear the inspiration for the controller is in SEGA’s timeless 6-button Genesis controller, with splashes of Saturn design thrown in for […]

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Review: DeathSmiles (PC)

We’re approaching 10 years since the heroines of DeathSmiles descended into arcades, but even now the unique themes and frantic action have kept the series alive and well in the hearts of shoot-‘em-up enthusiasts. When Cave announced it planned to release its catalog on Steam, DeathSmiles was practically a lock for the treatment, and its […]

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PC Review: In the Groove

If dancing is your thing, Roxor Games has upped the ante for PC/Mac gamers, releasing the first retail arcade-to-computer rhythm translation in about five years. The result is a fresh title that provides a completely overhauled experience for those looking to tap their toes to their home computer. In the Groove is the latest commercial […]

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