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70 Years of Geese! – A tribute to Young Geese Howard

“Die like your father, you pin-headed son of an icecream maker.” – Geese Howard, now 70 years young as of Jan. 23, 2023. I’ve spent the past few years marking Geese Howard’s birthday on Twitter, usually highlighted by his Fatal Fury challenge quote that could only come from a 1990s U.S. SNK game translation. It’s […]

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Highlights from the Aug. 22 Last Blade 2 casuals

Last week I played causal Fightcade matches in The Last Blade 2 with CrazyLi825 of the Crazy Battle Circuit. I put together some highlight clips from some of those matchups, and this upload contains about an extra 1 minute and 30 seconds over the posted Twitter version!

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The timeless World Heroes and speedruns

The next 12 Hour Challenge event for speedrunning has been announced, putting us approximately one year from the previous summer event. Last year, I threw my hat into the ring to play World Heroes for a total of 12 hours, and since the original arcade release of the game was 27 years ago today, I […]

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