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The Anniversary Exhibitions: SoulCalibur II and Puzzle Fighter

My wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary at Galloping Ghost Arcade – we started dating 15 years ago and have now been married for nine years. We originally met through playing DanceDanceRevolution, but there were other games we started playing together as well: Donkey Konga 3, The Urbz, Monster Hunter, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 […]

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Namco gacha figures: Valkyrie and Makoto

I admit I don’t have the time or patience for GunPla (‘Gun’dam ‘Pla’stic model kits), but with so many characters made available, they are of particular interest. Thankfully, I found the suitable compromise of gacha, or capsule toys from Japan. Fitting figures into a capsule requires the companies to condense them into individual parts that […]

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Review: Time Crisis 4 [Arcade]

Arcades recently got a taste of lead as Namco released its fourth edition of its long-withstanding light gun franchise. Why should you care? Because it’s safe to say this title will eventually be ported to consoles just like its predecessors. Namco’s Time Crisis 4 was showcased at this year’s E3 and once again brings double […]

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