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Interviews with those directly involved in independent video gaming.

Indie developer showcase at the Cleveland Gaming Classic

I recently attended the Cleveland Gaming Classic, and on top of having vendors and open video gaming, the event featured an indie video game developer showcase. I had limited time, but was able to get videos of most of the games on display. Check out the following videos for information on a number of indie […]

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Interview with Going Loud Studios’ Ben Kane

Going Loud Studios now has a trio of titles available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games and given how unique each title is from one another, it’s easy to see the ambition of developer Ben Kane. Coming off of the release of his newest title DLC Quest, Kane was able to take some time to talk […]

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Interview with Squid in a Box’s Robert Hale

A developer recently made waves on Steam – literally. Squid in a Box, headed up by an industry veteran, recently gave a go with the arena shooter genre and has crafted Waves, which is available for $9.99 on Steam. The studio is comprised of one person, Rob Hale, and he was kind enough to talk […]

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Interview with Mattrified Games’ Matt DeLucas

Mattrified Games was featured in the summer’s Indie Games Uprising on Xbox LIVE, bringing in an update to the already solid one-on-one fighter Battle High. Programmer Matt DeLucas was able to give IndieSnack the ins and outs of his development process and how he was able to shape Battle High into his own project. IndieSnack: […]

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Interview with Iridium Studios’ Jason Wishnov

This year Iridium Studios hit Xbox LIVE Indie Games with a bang. Its first release, Sequence, dared to combine two different genres into a unique offering with a presentation that puts even some of the Xbox LIVE Arcade titles to shame. Jason Wishnov of Iridium Studios was kind enough to explain how the project started […]

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Interview with Zeboyd Games’ Robert Boyd

Zeboyd Games made a name for itself with high-quality RPGs at low prices when its first titles hit the Xbox LIVE Indie Games service.  Since then, the developer’s retro-inspired titles have found themselves on multiple formats including Steam and the combo of Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World were recently featured in […]

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