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Other April Fool’s Fun

Given the current situation in 2020, April Fool’s Day didn’t need to feature cruel jokes, but it certainly seemed like a day to make obvious gags to try and make people laugh – if even for a moment. The biggest effort came in the form of a collaboration with Zool, along with others with a […]

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Highlights from the Aug. 22 Last Blade 2 casuals

Last week I played causal Fightcade matches in The Last Blade 2 with CrazyLi825 of the Crazy Battle Circuit. I put together some highlight clips from some of those matchups, and this upload contains about an extra 1 minute and 30 seconds over the posted Twitter version!

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The timeless World Heroes and speedruns

The next 12 Hour Challenge event for speedrunning has been announced, putting us approximately one year from the previous summer event. Last year, I threw my hat into the ring to play World Heroes for a total of 12 hours, and since the original arcade release of the game was 27 years ago today, I […]

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