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GemuBaka Doodle: A Week of Garfield

A Week of Garfield is one those NES oddities where a developer took a wholly American concept like Garfield the cat and released a Japan-only game. The game was published by Towa Chiki in 1989, and its inclusion in a recent Big 20 race put many eyes on the title this year. The game is […]

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GemuBaka Doodle: Gratitude

One of my biggest goals for my Twitch channel since summer was to reach 100 followers on the djtatsujin Twitch channel. It took a touch longer than I projected, but, the other week, we managed to squeak by and top that magic number. It was another inspiration that had me breaking out the drawing pad […]

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GemuBaka doodle: Traitor Slippy Toad

I’ve been trying to dabble into a little bit of art lately to find a new way of scratching creative itches. I have a rough style and never expect to reach levels where people would actively seek out my work, but in an effort to round out my media abilities, I still try my best. […]

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