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Quick thoughts on Time Crisis 5 [Arcade]

While I was at Dave & Busters on New Year’s Day to get in a session of Pump It Up XX, there didn’t seem to be any new games on the floor since the release of Elevator Action Invasion. Walking around the collection of games I realized there was something in the mix that I’ve […]

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The enduring aesthetic of SVC Chaos

Capcom Vs. SNK gets a lot of love, so it’s easy for Playmore’s title-flipping effort SNK Vs. Capcom – SVC Chaos to get lost in the fighting game shuffle. Chaos can’t compare in quality – I’m actually a huge fan of the first Capcom Vs. SNK game and would say it does a couple of […]

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Thoughts on Elevator Action Invasion (Arcade)

The newest game to drop at the local Dave & Busters was UNIS’s Elevator Action Invasion. This title has quite an attractive cabinet design, so, naturally I was drawn into checking it out. I did a little bit of recording and went through some of my thoughts on the game. I wouldn’t call this a […]

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