Visiting Boss Battle Games

Traveling for me often involves searching out any arcades or local video game stores I can find. Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis recently came to my attention, and it was worked in as part of a trip I took in November.

Boss Battle Games is an arcade that has jumped on the bandwagon of eliminating the coin-operated aspect in favor of a venue fee and offering free play video games. One of the big strengths of this location was in its mix that offered a lot of the classics expected in an arcade, while still mixing in relatively newer cabinets that included rhythm games and deluxe cabinets for shooting and racing games.

Most interesting is the location’s “storefront,” where a number of retro consoles, video games and collectibles can also be purchased. So, in essence, this location is a two-in-one in finding a locally-based arcade and video game shop.

Also courting my favor was the location’s selection of fighting games that, again, spread out in a mix of 1990s hits with some games creeping into the 2000s, such as Street Fighter IV. The location also featured a lineup of pinball tables if that is more of your fancy (I have a short series on my YouTube channel titled “D.J. Plays Pinball Poorly” if you want to know how good I am on that format).

There’s absolutely a little bit for everyone at this location, and I was pumped up to get my first brush with cabinets such as Power Stone and Beastorizer!

More can be learned about the arcade online at

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