The 2022 “Year-end ‘kuso’ combo festival”

As much as I’ve soured on social media over the past couple of years, I still love a good fighting game combo tag. 

The first favorite I found a few years ago was #日めくり即死ぬ – summed up as a 100% damage combo tag. More literally translated, that tag was started by a Japanese player who did an “instant kill of the day.”

While the daily nature of the tag has long since stopped, it still gets used by Twitter users that post touch of death combos on the site. I, myself, do not have the skills to produce daily content along these lines, but I do use the tag to catalog the 100% damage combos I post on Twitter.

The end of 2022 was uneventful for me, and I mean that in the good way – I had time off and I relaxed. A highlight of that time, though, was finding the Twitter tag #年忘れ師走のクソコンボ祭り. The best way I could translate this is sort of a “year-end ‘kuso’ combo festival.”

Based on the clips posted in the tag, I’m unclear whether the ‘kuso’ part refers to the combo itself, the game being played or even both. Still, the tag featured a number of interesting combos from a variety of different games.

I lined up three of my archived clips to show off some massively cheap combos to post on Twitter, and this is now joined together in a short clip video.

Game one: Double Dragon V (SNES). Jimmy Lee can re-dizzy with a jumping heavy punch into crouching heavy punch. The jumping attack must be very deep for the next attack to combo.

Game two: Tatoo Assassins. This unreleased game has a lot of restrictions in place to prevent infinite combos, but these go out of the window once a character enters DANGER mode at low health. Because Karla’s ice ball does damage, you can infinitely do it to trap the opponent and whittle their health down.

Game three: Kabuki Klash. This is actually a pretty fun game, and it has an item system that leads to a lot of strange happenings. A combo like this is not practical, and I would say it will never actually happen in a match. Orochimaru’s super move will juggle if he takes a trade hit and recoils into a scroll that instantly refills his meter. There is a banana peel item characters can slip on and be open for a juggle hit, and combos with these are a little more practical.

If you enjoy seeing fighting game techniques, I highly recommend giving the tag a view. I was able to see tech exclusive to the Super Nintendo/Famicom version of Fatal Fury Special, “handicam” footage of The King of Fighters combos and other clips from games such as Golden Axe: The Duel, Warzard/Red Earth and Samurai Deeper Kyo. You even get the occasional “oddball” post such as someone posting playable combinations of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Japanese retro gaming Twitter is probably my favorite part of sticking around on the site, currently. As such, I’m holding out hope players return for the festival once this year comes to a close.

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