Rhythm Game Roundup: Melatonin, Theatrhythm, God of Rock

I’m a big fan of rhythm games, and it seems like those that enjoy the genre have a slate of interesting titles to enjoy into early 2023.

First is a game that is now released on Steam (PC) but will also make its way to the Nintendo Switch – Melatonin by Half Asleep Games. Since Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in getting to a Nintendo Switch version of Rhythm Heaven any time soon, Melatonin should be able to slip in and nicely fill this gap.

The title has had a playable demo on Steam, and this very chill nod to Rhythm Heaven has the potential to be a sleeper hit. The full game has 20 levels, with each having its own accompanying song. Players can then revisit the stages to tackle a “hard mode” version of that scenario, but those who need a little help in nailing the timings down can choose to toggle assist features.

Melatonin is currently $14.99 on Steam.

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Moving into 2023, the latest version of Theatrhythm by Square-Enix looks to splash onto the Nintendo Switch. This entry is scheduled for release on Feb. 16, and on top of a physical release, it was announced there are two digital deluxe versions that tack on 27 more songs, as well as up to three of the planned expansion packs that feature music from other Square-Enix franchises.

I actually haven’t played any of the other Theatrhythm entries, either on Nintendo 3DS or arcade, but this Final Bar Line entry promises 385 songs in the base game – 167 more than what was featured in Curtain Call – so this seems like the perfect time to jump aboard. A total of 104 Final Fantasy characters are lined up (including Benjamin from Mystic Quest!), a museum offers plenty of gallery features and online matches for four players.

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Last but not least, the intriguing God of Rock by Modus Games is now expected on multiple formats on April 18. While rhythm gaming is at the core of this title, it also introduces a number of mechanics that make it a one-versus-one fighting game experience.

While players keep pace with the rhythm commands, they can also slide in with fighting game commands once special and ultra meters are built up in order to mess with the opponent’s gameplay and directly attack them. A video trailer was recently released to help you visualize how the combat in God of Rock will pan out.

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