The soft return to live streaming

I’ve lightly explained a few times that my live streaming on Twitch had gone on hiatus, and that lasted for nearly three years. After much preparation, live streaming resumed at the very beginning of August, and there is now a rough two months of part-time streaming content highlighted on the channel.

Much like doing the blog and making videos to post online, live streaming isn’t one of my top priorities. My family, health and career will always be placed before these hobbies, and I decided I needed to take a break in the October of 2019. Unfortunately, a lot happened in 2020, and this just snowballed into a complete hiatus as my workplace became more demanding, and I needed to do more for my growing children.

The previous stream was done on Oct. 17, 2019, with a Retro Achiever stream for Gunstar Heroes on the SEGA Genesis … which reminds me I am woefully behind on the Retro Achiever writeups.

After a lot of preparation, I settled on doing a stream to recognize one of the channel’s staple games: World Heroes. This game, which received a 12-hour “marathon” through a 12 Hour Challenge block of programming, reached its 30th release date anniversary on July 28. As such, the stream featured a breakdown of my history with the game, along with multiple playthroughs on different game modes and difficulties.

Not long after that, I set out to help with the Galloping Ghost Arcade T20 event, and this allowed me a chance to test out my new-fangled “unlimited data” capabilities on my phone. I had mentioned before that I was looking to double down on mobile streaming and events before the pandemic hit, and this allowed me to finally get a taste of this, albeit two years later.

It took a few adjustments and met a few difficulties, but, overall, I think the mobile streaming was very successful and allowed me to get a lot of footage for the channels. A month later, I was also able to stream from a specific corner of another arcade, which allowed me to highlight the crazy game Dynamite Deka EX and play through a couple of other fighting games, which included my first recorded games of Street Fighter V arcade.

Mobile reception is a fickle beast sometimes, but I’m looking forward to more opportunities to be able to stream remotely.

I very much enjoyed streaming Game Boy fighting games, which was spearheaded by the Yokoi Kids Game Boy game of the month – Killer Instinct – and then I got the Nintendo Switch hooked up to the stream in order to play new old games on the Capcom Fighting Collection and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection. Other events saw us recognizing the Dreamcast for Sept. 9 and I did my personal-best streamed playthrough of Mega Man 2 for my birthday.

Recently, I did some revisited games for 1CCs to include Street Fighter the Movie the Game, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter and the JAA release of Konami’s X-Men. We also started a new season with the Philadelphia Eagles on the 2023 version of Tecmo Super Bowl and did some discussion on Vicious Circle.

So, while my streaming schedule is still very sporadic, it’s still been very eventful these past couple of months. As such, I’ve highlighted items from these streams with a couple of videos on YouTube. It is not my intention to give up on video creation and turn my YouTube channel into a Twitch stream dump, so I try to limit the livestreamed material I upload to YouTube.

Check out these highlights below, and feel free to follow on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter to learn more about future GemuBaka content!

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