Quick thoughts on Time Crisis 5 [Arcade]

While I was at Dave & Busters on New Year’s Day to get in a session of Pump It Up XX, there didn’t seem to be any new games on the floor since the release of Elevator Action Invasion. Walking around the collection of games I realized there was something in the mix that I’ve told myself over and over, “I’ll have to eventually play that at some point.”

That game was Bandai-Namco’s Time Crisis 5, and since there was nothing new to check out, I decided 2022 was finally the time to step up to the pedal … er, pedals.

The big changeup to the proven formula is a second foot pedal. While this might seem like a lazy, gimmick add-on to the game, it becomes quickly evident that the developers actually thought this through and made a title where multiple vantage points are a necessity.

With the amount of time I had that day, I didn’t get a full credit feed of the game. Still, I managed to get through a majority of four stages (each with three segments) and made sure to get some footage of the game in play. I’d actually posted a pretty early review of Time Crisis 4 to the internet through a previous web site from years ago, so I found it humorous that I got to the sequel so late. Still, I’m glad I did as it was a really fun rail shooter that I didn’t think was as cheap as some of the others floating around arcades over the past decade.

You get multiple weapons, easy ways to wipe out enemies if you are paying attention and a number of different ways that stages keep things fresh. This includes putting the players into different vehicles and sprinkling mini-events among the action segments. I think I would like to return to this game, but I would be very interested in knowing how the two-player mode changes the experience.

For now, enjoy the footage of Time Crisis 5 and more on my initial thoughts on the game:

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