Event report: RPW Boiling Point 2

Ruthless Pro Wrestling was able to host one more professional wrestling event for 2021, and we were able to attend the matches held in Maybee, Michigan.

We were unable to make the Bumps in the Night and Inked in Blood events, so it was nice to be back after an absence at those events. If you have missed it, there are event reports on RPW Ruthless Consequences and the RPW/Flophouse Wrestling combination show Steel Carnage available on GemuBaka.

The major draw for RPW’s Boiling Point 2 was a tournament to crown the organization’s inaugural tag team champions. The event name is fitting as the original Boiling Point held in September 2020 featured a singles tournament that yielded RPW’s inaugural heavyweight champion, which ended up being “The Natural” Sam Beale.



The tournament featured a lot of returning names that have been staples in RPW, joined by a couple of fresh faces. The entrants included Casanova and Hoodfoot, Bulking Season, The Rejects, The Hallowed, Fear & Loathing in Professional Wrestling, Members Only, Midwest Scum and Death Threat Army.


Through the tournament structure, fans were guaranteed to see seven tag team matches, and they didn’t disappoint. The different styles of the competitors involved provided a variety of styles ranging from serious/hardcore to light/humorous. The match results were largely predictable, but I never say that as a negative. A lot of times you want to see the result that makes the most sense to you, and if the journey to get there is enjoyable, everyone involved accomplished their task.

With the championship at stake, the matches became more serious as the rounds progressed, and the finalists The Rejects and Midwest Scum put together a very physical showing. The finale had Midwest Scum taking the belts as the first champions – something both “Dread King” Logan and Zach Thomas rightfully earned as very impressive mainstays in the RPW organization.


While this match was the only one on the card with no title on the line, it could eventually have RPW Rustbelt Championship implications as Randi West has picked up wins in multiple RPW deathmatches.

The match was billed as a prickly situation deathmatch that replaced the ring ropes with barbed wire and implemented other sharp instruments such as cacti (which I’ve never seen used before). The match was enjoyable thanks to its wild unpredictability, and the crowd always rallies behind Randi. A very fun opener in which both wrestlers worked very hard.


“The Deathmatch Samurai” Akira got his RPW Heavyweight Championship match at Boiling Point 2 after an injury kept him from going for the title earlier this year. While no deathmatch stipulation was in place for the match, it didn’t stop the wrestlers from using chairs and doors.

When you watch a Justin Kyle match, you get intensity, and he definitely brought that to this title bout. Akira was able to match that, egging Justin Kyle on for more punishment and refusing to stay down. Justin Kyle’s MMA-infused heavy hitting meshed well with Akira’s innovative fighting style, and the match provided plenty of highlights.


Dale Patricks carried the RPW Rustbelt Championship into Boiling Point 2, still the organization’s only Rustbelt Champion since earning the title in its debut at Blood, Sweat and Beers in April. He faced off against “Uncivil” Satu Jinn, who has had multiple deathmatch outings with RPW (you can see him slam Schwartzy through a flaming TV at Ruthless Consequences).

This match was unapologetically a brawl, with both wrestlers laying it all on the line for the title and slugging each other back and forth. The crowd-favorite flat screen televisions returned for this match, and they were used repeatedly in the wrestlers’ offense.

Light tubes and panes of glass were heavily featured in this matchup, with no shortage of glass shards surrounding the ring after the match. Plenty of highspots in this match kept the crowd buzzing and it ended the night on a high note with Boiling Point 2 resulting in another new champion to close the year 2021.


Our first RPW event was the original Boiling Point, so we’ve come around to attending a full year of events with organization. We’ve absolutely appreciated the organization offering events close to where we live, and the wrestlers’ work and hospitality in meeting with fans has been extremely appreciated.

RPW offering nearby events has really sparked my love for independent wrestling since last year, and it’s excellent to see the organization is able to keep running events. I’ll continue supporting the wrestlers here at GemuBaka, as, even though this is predominantly a video gaming site, professional wrestling is my number-two passion next to video games. If our support can help spread the word of an up-and-coming pro wrestler to even one person, that’s a positive in my eyes.

If you subscribe to Independent Wrestling TV, you can view a number of RPW events on the RPW IWTV page.

Want free access to select RPW matches as well as podcasts about RPW? The Ruthless Pro Wrestling YouTube page has you covered.

You can also find more ways to support RPW at the Ruthless Pro Wrestling web page.

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