The Zero Hour Game Challenge

In the time-honored tradition of doing something “productive” in the hour reset for Daylight Saving Time, this year I attempted to speedrun through eight video game categories in less than one hour. I did a recording of this, which is the closest I’ve come to actually streaming in a long time.

The full rundown of games includes World Heroes (arcade), Double Dragon V (SNES), Super Bowling (SNES), WWF: Wrestlemania the Arcade Game (Genesis), WWF Raw (SNES), WCW Main Event (GB), Golden Axe (Beginner mode on Genesis) and Sailor Moon R (GB). A few of the games, especially WWF Raw, could have gone better, but I was happy overall with the results. And, yeah, obviously judging from the run time of the video, I was successful in going less than an hour!


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