The Anniversary Exhibitions: SoulCalibur II and Puzzle Fighter

My wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary at Galloping Ghost Arcade – we started dating 15 years ago and have now been married for nine years.

We originally met through playing DanceDanceRevolution, but there were other games we started playing together as well: Donkey Konga 3, The Urbz, Monster Hunter, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 and Hunter: The Reckoning, among others. One of those “others” was the arcade version of SoulCalibur II, where I main the character Astaroth, and she plays as Talim.

We recreated that experience this month with SoulCalibur II, playing a set of three matches:

Also while at the location, we played a set of three in one of my wife’s favorite games in the arcade – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo:

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