The King of Fighters XV: Hero Team

Details on the upcoming The King of Fighters XV have been a slow drip, but they are coming more frequently as SNK promises a 2021 game release.

I invested in The King of Fighters XIV at launch and stuck with it longer than Street Fighter V, but not many of my friends and online acquaintances played the game, so it fell by the wayside. Still, it was great to see a title originally derided for its “Playstation 2” graphics mold and turn into a quality fighting game title.

KoF XIV had its share of disappointments in deviating from the painstakingly crafted pixel graphics, but it gave future titles a foundation to build on top of with the new graphical style that will undoubtedly free up some time for the developers to focus on what counts – the gameplay elements.

I haven’t been closely following KoF XV, but, it definitely is on my radar to check out this year. SNK keeps releasing information in small bits, which gives players something to look out for through the year, but I can’t say I know a whole lot about the game and its mechanics.

Recently, SNK detailed “Team Hero,” which officially adds Benimaru Nikaido, Shun’ei and Meitenkun to the KoF XV roster. Some of the media released by SNK along with the news can be viewed below:

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