Opening an imported PS2 game shipment

Right after the holiday, I placed an import game order with Genki Video Games – a fantastic source of Japanese video games. In a recent browsing of the company’s wares, I found an item that was long overdue for my collection.

As a huge fan of Bust a Groove/Bust a Move, my collection had gone for too long without scooping up the Playstation 2 series finale Dance Summit 2001. For Bust a Groove and Bust a Groove 2, I own each in both of the North American and Japanese releases. Dance Summit 2001 makes collecting a little easier as the title only released in Japan.

I’ve had my sights on Dance Summit 2001 for a handful of years, but something Genki had in stock absolutely sealed the deal for me – the ASCII controller set, which came complete in its original packaging.

I definitely plan on doing more media and writing about Dance Summit 2001, but, for now, I did a short video to unpack the shipping box and peek inside the controller set’s contents.

On top of that, I ordered an additional game to be included in the shipment! It’s one I’ve also had my eye on for multiple years, so check out my “unboxing” video and keep an eye for more content on both games coming in the next month or two.

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