Other April Fool’s Fun

Given the current situation in 2020, April Fool’s Day didn’t need to feature cruel jokes, but it certainly seemed like a day to make obvious gags to try and make people laugh – if even for a moment.

The biggest effort came in the form of a collaboration with Zool, along with others with a love of obscure fighting games. The Tattoo Assassins combos I posted on Twitter late last year sparked an idea that eventually led to a 7 1/2 minute video that launched on April Fool’s Day.

The real credit for the video goes to Zool, and you should follow the Zool the Winged Yoshi YouTube channel for great fighting game combo content, but I contributed four combos and a few ideas to the “Fart of Fighting” combo exhibition:

It was a really fun video to be a part of, and, with everyone’s efforts, it turned out very well!

For my personal Twitter account, I temporarily substituted my profile picture with a parody of the recent SEGA ambassador announcement of Sega Shiro. Sega Shiro’s commercial appearance thus far has him only saying the words “SEGA dayo!” (It’s SEGA) similar to the legendary Segata Sanshiro’s phrase “SEGA Saturn shiro!” (Play SEGA Saturn).


For a spin on this, I put together a closet cosplay of Sega Shiro and branded the photo with the slogan “Kusoge dayo!” in the spirit of my enjoyment of kusoge, or “crappy games,” as we’ll call them here.


It was low-effort and gave me a laugh, so, it was worth it. I can’t say anybody else cared to notice, other than my wife who asked me about it roughly a week later.

And, lastly, one other gag gave me a chance to try something new on my video editing software. Being the first day of a new month in the brand new Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and in honor of La Calice Cup 3, I mixed Animal Crossing and Darius Gaiden to create a joke update to the fishing mechanic in the new game.

Hopefully something happened on April Fool’s Day that brightened your day just a little!

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