Trocadero SEGAWorld London

You know those embarrassing situations where your parents pull out the old photo binders to show other people? Well, that recently worked in my favor for once.

On a recent visit to my parents’, my mother leafed through a binder I had chronicling high school, and, low and behold, I had preserved a 1997 printing of the pamphlet attendees received at the Trocadero SEGAWorld location in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

In 1997, I was selected to tour Europe as part of a concert band, and this London stop was absolutely one of the highlights for me. During a free roam period of the Piccadilly Circus, I came across this location, which had a two-story arcade filled with the newest games, plus the seven-story SEGAWorld location that featured attractions and themed arcade floors (racing/driving, fighting, shooting, sports, etc.).

It’s entirely possible the photo albums still have a few photos from the location I took, but I’m really going to have to dig for those. As a 15-year-old, it blew my mind that the top floor of SEGAWorld had legit Sonic the Fighter and SEGASonic the Arcade cabinets. I played these a handful of times on this trip, and it’s crazy that it took until 2005’s Sonic Gems Collection to play Sonic the Fighter once again, and until around 2011 to replay SEGASonic at Galloping Ghost Arcade.

For now, though, I can drop these scans of each page of the SEGAWorld pamphlet. It’s too bad the location is no more, but memories live on through a Sega World London Memoriam Twitter account. This was by far the craziest arcade I had ever been to before Galloping Ghost Arcade took off!

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