Galloping Ghost Swap Meet (Video)

In late September, my wife and I attended the most recent video game swap meet held by Galloping Ghost Arcade, as hosted by the Galloping Ghost Productions office. The room was pleasantly packed with vendors offering a variety of goods – some were fun staples, while others were obscure curiosities.

At the end of the day, I managed to spend only $15 and scooped up a few Super Famicom and Game Boy games.


I grabbed the September Yokoi Kids game of the month – Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball: Game Boy Edition, on top of the import Game Boy titles Mini 4 Boy and Yakuman. Yakuman is likely a game I’ll never end up playing, but it served as a launch title for the system in Japan. This will help me edge closer to having the collection of Game Boy launch titles.

On the Super Famciom front, I got Demon Child Zenki Battle Raiden at a very fair price. I’ve had my eye on the series since Macaw played it on his stream a few years ago. I also grabbed the early ChunSoft staple of Kamaitachi no Yoru, which is a visual novel sort of game.

While there was a share of hard-to-find and expensive items, the main attraction was this Nintendo Powerplays Saturday Championship medallion. This is said to be a 2006 item passed around to select GameStop locations and was offered up to those who competed in some form of competition on Smash Bros. I even read an online account of someone showing up to a GameStop location and being the only attendee, meaning they got this medallion by default. While it isn’t manufactured with valuable jewelry, it’s still a cool find that most people have probably either forgotten about or didn’t even know existed.


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