A night of fierce Virtual On matches

I’ve posted about Level 419 a few times, and I was recently able to head out to the location with my good friend KC1313. The arcade has a very nice Virtual On: Cyber Troopers 2-player setup, and it tends to catch the attention of many of the location’s patrons. Even my older son insisted on getting a set in on the game one time, so the premise definitely has its appeal.

The Tokyo Game Show produced news that SEGA will release Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Masterpiece on the PlayStation 4, collecting the series’ three games into one package for the current generation. We can only hope for a release in the United States, but, for now, we’re left with the SEGA Saturn version of Cyber Troopers.


Virtual On: Cyber Troopers for the US SEGA Saturn

I’m thankful I was able to grab a copy of Cyber Troopers for Saturn when stores were desperate to dump the system’s stock to make shelf space for the pending release of the PlayStation 2. However, without the twin stick controller released only in Japan, the game just isn’t the same as what was produced in the arcade. With the Level 419 cabinet in such great shape, though, I got to take in the intended experience – an experience that sucked us into playing matches for more than an hour.

I had a camera on standby and captured a majority of the footage, which produced a veritable “best of 50” marathon. I’ve trimmed down the footage into bite-sized portions, showcasing the decisive moment of each match, and selecting 10 full matches toward the end of the set to show how our battles flowed once we were really warmed up on the controls.




A huge thanks goes to KC1313 for the very fun matches!

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