Gemubaka doodles: X-Men and Kyanta!

It’s actually been a while since I’ve done much of anything artistic (outside of videos) – I don’t think I’ve drawn anything over the summer. However, I’ve caught some weird inspiration over the past couple of days that resulted in a few works.


Twitter user Ryugainai posted about X-Men characters in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter that made “X” motions or gestures with their arms while doing moves. This particular Gambit still gave me a chuckle, making him look like a super-excited, tentacle/stick-armed character. This doodle then came to mind to solidify this version of Gambit in the Marvel universe.


I haven’t done much in regard to media with Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2, but I’ve put a handful of hours into playing this very simple, yet extremely awesome fighting game (that is completely free to play on Steam!). The game’s creator puts fanart into the title as part of an in-game gallery, and I gave this colored-pencil work a shot. This is probably the most time I’ve put into a drawing in years!

The drawing uses Kyanta characters and references in the motif of a rhythm game, most particularly aping the traditional Beatmania series by Konami. I was able to pick up a PlayStation Beatmania set with the original game in 2000, and something that always cracked me up in that game is a bit of a meme these days in the Bemani/retro arcade circles. On certain songs, if you missed an input, the song video would be interrupted with a screen flashing in that states: “WRONG PLAY BAD BOYZ KICK YOUR ASS”  This drawing is an homage to that, but, of course, using elements from Kyanta.

I’m going to do a direct scan of the drawing, and then I’ll cross my fingers to see if it eventually gets included!


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