A walkthrough of Level 419 Arcade

I’ve chronicled my visits to Level 419 Arcade in Northwood, Ohio, on Twitter, but a recent visit allowed me a chance to record some video footage and give others a first-hand look at this recently-opened location.

Level 419 is a convenient location for myself, as it is less an hour away, yet provides nearly 100 cabinets to experience. The location has adopted the “admission fee” model, meaning $10 at the door gets you as many games as you can muster within the business’ hours.

The big hook for Level 419 is its offering of semi-recent deluxe cabinets. It now has a solo setup for Gunslinger Stratos, and, for music game fans, there are earlier versions of Reflect Beat, Taiko no Tatsujin, Jubeat, Groove Coaster and a few others to take in. The location was also the first outside of Galloping Ghost Arcade to pick up the lost Laserdisc-FMV title Deathstalker. Given most locations charge $1-2 a pop for such games, Level 419’s admission is a steal for fans of these games.

Despite the relatively new cabinets, there are still classics such as Zaxxon, Moon Patrol, Turbo, Excitebike Vs., Punch-Out!! and more mixed up with ’90s offerings such as Die Hard Arcade and Virtua Fighter. The location also has a couple of pinball tables to take in.

The location is continually evolving as it approaches its one-year anniversary, so it will be exciting to see what the future holds for Level 419. Of course, I’ll be around to record any exciting additions that may be around the corner!

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