GemuBaka doodle: Traitor Slippy Toad

I’ve been trying to dabble into a little bit of art lately to find a new way of scratching creative itches. I have a rough style and never expect to reach levels where people would actively seek out my work, but in an effort to round out my media abilities, I still try my best. Most of my doodles revolve around Microsoft Paint templates, but I now have an app on my tablet and rubber-tipped stylus to try and craft items from scratch.

The Hightension Gaijin recently streamed games from his Super Nintendo, and while playing Star Fox, the following situation happened:

Slippy Toad always seems to catch the ire of players, but it was quite humorous to see one of crew members from the original Star Fox actually do something productive in the game … even if it meant it screwed over the player!

That being said, the situation prompted the following tribute art from myself. It’s in manga form, so side-by-side panels are read from right to left. I went with the manga setup because I’m also making efforts to beef my Japanese up to a level where I can casually talk to the Japanese streamers I come across on Twitch. A translation of the short conservation bits are posted below the image.


Panel 1, Slippy: “HighGai! Save me!”

Panel 2, HighGai: “Die.”

Panel 3, SFX, “Do!” – a sort of gunfire noise.

Panel 4, SFX, (on right) “Pashi” – a smacking sound; (on left) “Kacha!” – a clicking noise.

Panel 5, HighGai: “What?!”

Panel 6, SFX, “Dokkan!!” – an explosion.

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