Gaming Session Blog #2

After staying up a little too late, I was able to grind through the story bits of Sleeping Dogs. Some thoughts:

* Fairly mediocre game all around. The story starts out cliched and predictable, gets good in the middle and then falls back into predictable at the end. I was surprised there were no open-ended options for the player to choose, but, then again, a linear narrative is almost refreshing in games anymore.

* There is definitely a lot to do in the game. I might come back to it eventually to finish out collectibles and events.

* Overall, this was a good five-day rental. Not $60 material in my book, but someone crazy about GTA style games would love this one. Let’s see where the expansion content goes with this one.

Outside of Sleeping Dogs, I spent a solid week working at our county fair to cover a portion of its events. Up until recently, every year the fair had a tent stocked with arcade games, which is sorely missed. The fair is where I was able to play obscure titles such as Martial Masters and DJ Boy for the first time. It’s too bad that arcade tent doesn’t come to town anymore. Otherwise, I’m baffled by the fact through seven days and seeing a thousand kids running around, I didn’t receive a single 3DS streetpass. I’m convinced no one in this area knows the feature exists or this is some backward dimension where portable systems stay at home.

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